Chemical Elements as Tracers of the Evolution of the Cosmos

Experimental Facilities

List of facilities and experimental techniques
ALTO facility (Orsay, France)

ALTO includes a photo-fission Linear Accelerator for neutron rich radioactive beams and a 14 MV Tandem accelerator for stable beams.

INFN-LNS (Catania, Italy)

The INFN-LNS laboratories in Catania are equipped with a 14MV Tandem accelerator and a K800 Superconducting Cyclotron.

Oslo Cyclotron Laboratory (Oslo, Norway)

The MC-35 Scanditronix cyclotron at the Oslo Cyclotron Laboratory provides light-ion beams for basic nuclear-physics research, production of radioactive isotopes for medical applications, cancer research and radiation hardness tests.

Jožef Stefan Institute

Jožef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia operates a 2 MV Tandem accelerator used for ion beam analysis and nuclear astrophysics