Chemical Elements as Tracers of the Evolution of the Cosmos

Atomki Accelerator Center (Debrecen, Hungary)

The Atomki accelerator center includes a 20 MeV cyclotron, a 5 MV van de Graaf, a 2 MV Tandetron, and an ECR ion source.

Among many other scientific activities, the Institute for Nuclear Research (Atomki) in Debrecen, Hungary is the Accelerator Center of the country. The main facilities making up the center are the following:

- An MGC-20E cyclotron accelerating p, d, 3He and alpha beams up to 20 MeV energy.
- A 5 MV Van de Graaff accelerator providing mainly proton and alpha beams
- A new HVEE 2 MV tandetron accelerator which is being upgraded with multicusp and sputtering ion sources in order to increase the beam intensities and widen the beam selection
- A standalone ECR ions source used mostly for plasma physics

Wide range of supplementary instrumentation (such as target preparation and characterization devices and various radiation detectors) are available for the experiments. The accelerators are extensively used for nuclear astrophysics research, from the cross section measurement of hydrogen burning reactions to the systematic study of the p-process of heavy element synthesis.

More information about the accelerator facilities can be found here: