Chemical Elements as Tracers of the Evolution of the Cosmos

Nucleosynthesis Tools

Nucleosynthesis code (nuclear reaction network) able to post-process stellar evolution and explosion models for full nucleosynthesis calculations


Nugrid Codes and Collaboration Facilities

The NuGrid collaboration, many member of which are part of ChETEC, developed and maintains a post-processing nucleosynthesis code (PPN) and a variety of collaboration tools.

  • NuGridPy python tools to analyze NuGrid data, raw data access through CADC’s VOspace.
  • Public Jupyter server WENDI for interactive web exploration of NuGrid data sets and NuPyCEE codes.
  • Latest nuclear physics compilations for all stellar quiescent and explosive nucleosynthesis including NSE, sandbox interface to easily test user generated rates, dynamic master network generation
  • Multi-zone with mixing for complete 1D stellar evolution sequence post-processing
  • Multi-trajectory capability for post-processing of hydrodynamic trajectories
  • Dynamic network at the cell level to automatically generate the network size needed for given thermodynamic environment
  • Multi-zone and trajectory ppn are MPI parallel
  • Custom USEEPP (se) library built on hdf5 for IO data management, including C, Fortran, python and idl interfaces
  • Growing test case and examples library.


See Nugrid collaboration website for more details: