Chemical Elements as Tracers of the Evolution of the Cosmos


Working Group 3: Astronomical observations and interpretation
Observing campaigns

Several campaigns are currently ongoing focussing on open questions related to the small-scale formation of elements to large-scale Galaxy enrichment

WG3 Projects

This page organizes people and peoplepower among scientific questions we have identified and wish to tackle.


The Chemical Evolution of Neutron-capture elements at intermediate metallicity

WG3 : Be in clusters

This is an observing project aimed to probe the origins of multiple stellar populations in Galactic globular clusters


This is a long term project with several subprojects aimed at the development and implementation of 3D NLTE techniques and tools for stellar abundance analysis

WG3 : Multi-D chemical space analysis

Multi-D chemical space analysis - new constraints to GCE The main goal of this project was to carry a chrono-chemo-kinematical map of the Milky Way, i.e., adding information covering larger distances, and adding ages as another dimension (taking advantage of the amazing Gaia DR2 and of the developments in asteroseismology).