Chemical Elements as Tracers of the Evolution of the Cosmos

Observing campaigns

Several campaigns are currently ongoing focussing on open questions related to the small-scale formation of elements to large-scale Galaxy enrichment


  • MINCE – Measuring at Intermediate Metallicity Neutron-Capture Elements (Cescutti)– observations have been conducted and the analysis is ongoing. Observations have been/are to be carried out with:
    1. CFHT (Bonifacio),
    2. VLT/UVES, TNG/HARPS-N (Cescutti),
    3. 2/FEROS (Hansen).
    4. VUES/Moletai (Kučinskas)



  • Bafnium” – VLT/UVES (Hansen). The data reduction is ongoing and the analysis will start soon.


Some observations were cancelled or carried over to the following period due to Corona.


  • GCE - Multi-D chemical space analysis: 
    UVES observations of seismic targets - p106  -> 47 hours + p105 -> 64 hours + TNG observations -> 7 hours.
    Additional 4.5 UVES hours for the observations used in the pilot project published in Valentini et al. 2019 + UVES for ~160 targets in two GCs -> 24 hours.