Chemical Elements as Tracers of the Evolution of the Cosmos

WG3 Projects

This page organizes people and peoplepower among scientific questions we have identified and wish to tackle.

A number of projects focusing on highly ranked scientific questions are currently ongoing, some of these are conducted in close collaboration with other WGs while others are more or less independent and carried out within WG3:


  • MINCE – Measuring at Intermediate Metallicity Neutron-Capture Elements (Cescutti)
  • Bafnium” – assessing the effect of fission cycling using observations of heavy elements (Hansen)
  • Diffusion in M30 - The impact of atomic diffusion in late-type stars in M30 - VLT/FLAMES (Korn)
  • SuperSolarLithium - Downturn in absolute Li abundances at super-solar metallicities: real or not? (Fu)

 A long term goal of this WG is to compute accurate and precise stellar abundances. In order to do so, we strive to calculate 3D, NLTE corrected abundances.

  • 3D+NLTE - Impact of multi-dimensional and NLTE effects in stellar abundance analysis.