Chemical Elements as Tracers of the Evolution of the Cosmos

WG3-internal Projects

This page organizes people and peoplepower among scientific questions we have identified and wish to tackle.

A first go at highly ranked scientific questions we intend to work on more or less independent of other WGs (list to keep evolving):

  1. Impact of multi-dimensional and NLTE effects in stellar abundance analysis. (AK) Project acronym: 3D+NLTE
  2. Downturn in absolute Li abundances at super-solar metallicities: real or not? (AK) Project acronym: SuperSolarLithium
  3. Accurate stellar parameters and abundance patterns in the very metal-poor stars (TS). Project acronym: VMPabundances
  4. Precise abundances of light neutron-capture elements (Sr, Y, Zr + r-process) in classical dSphs (TS). Project acronym: s+r_in_dSph
  5. Optimal procedures to obtain best “learning samples” & discovering best objects for HR follow-up (CCh). Project acronym: Training&Discovery

The initials in parentheses refer to the proposers (autumn 2017). They only serve as a point of contact until a project lead has been identified (and should then be removed).